Are you looking for a quality, cheap and beautiful bike helmet? In this article I have created a list of the best bike helmet for 5 year old , so that you can have a selection of the best models in the same article.

Because, when it comes to road bike helmets, the full-face motorcycle affordable bike helmet for 5 year old is the one that offers the best protection. For this reason, it is the safest and most recommended bike helmet for 5 year old a motorcycle, minimizing the risk of damage to the head in the event of a collision or accident.

It has always been believed that good bike helmets are always made of fibers or multi-fibers. On the other hand, it has also long been believed that polycarbonate bike helmets are not such a good choice, especially when it comes to safety

we offer you a list of the best bike helmet that you can buy But, what are the  cheap bike helmet for 5 year old , , so here is a list of best bike helmet in 2021 recommendation about your budget. and you can also check our selected list of the best bike helmet for 5 year old in 2021 and you can also check our selected list of the best bike helmet for women.

Best bike helmet For 5 year old in 2021

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1. Shoei Neotec 2

This model is the second version of the famous Neotec modular bike helmet, by Japanese Shoei, which was released about 7 years ago.Needless to say, the wait was long… but it hasn’t disappointed!

Although both models are similar (the second is a bit more compact and once put on, it resembles a full-face bike helmet),we can quickly realize the work done at the level of the air intakes, where general ventilation is improved.

So much so that in low humidity conditions you could use the bike helmet without the Pinlock system . It also comes with a removable nose guard, which further improves aeration.

And despite its compactness, it integrates a retractable sun screen whose height can be adjusted very precisely, allowing it to be adjusted according to the position of the sun. In addition, the visor has an anti-UV filter.

The internal pads are composed of odorless and antibacterial foam. Like the previous HJC, this model fits perfectly on the head without being annoying or reducing comfort.

In fact, it is the model of my selection that offers the best soundproofing, thanks largely to its interior (an aspect in which Shoei has declared to have worked a lot)

With its fiber casing and all its accessories, it weighs 1600 grams. Although it may seem a bit heavy, its aerodynamics is such that users generally admit not feeling it once they are on the road.

Like the LS2, it has double full and jet homologation, although it is recommended to give more priority to the full face bike helmet for safety reasons. It has a micrometric buckle closure, as is increasingly common in bike helmets of this type.

In addition, if you are aware of new technologies, you will like to know that it is pre-equipped by an intercom compatible with a model specially developed in collaboration with Sena.

Finally, although the first Neotec remains a reference in high-end bike helmets despite its age, this second version has all the ballots to overcome it. It has all the good of the previous one, but with better ventilation, intercom and above all, better soundproofing.

2. Arai Renegade-V

We finished the selection with an integral model and a second high-end bike helmet from the Japanese manufacturer, Arai.

This bike helmet distinguishes itself from the competition by its innovative ventilation system, which provides excellent ventilation.

The brand has integrated channels directly into the chin guard, and these, associated with the 8 air intakes and the 7 extractors on the shell, produce a formidable job.

With regard to design, we see how the brand has taken other points of view in the market, since there is a lot of demand in the American continent. His look moves away from sports models, but brings more character.

On the other hand, the comfort that characterizes the bike helmets of this brand since its inception is not far behind. Its ergonomics and internal pads, adjustable and of different density, are really comfortable and soft.

To finish, it must be said that its price is a bit (too) expensive, but the manufacturing quality is more than present.

This is a SFL bike helmet made by hand in Japan, and the manufacturing of a single shell takes no less than 18 hours! The result is an extremely robust bike helmet, relatively light (around 1500 grams) and with character.

3. HJC bike helmets RPHA 11 Pro

Its interior can wear out faster with the passage of time and use, since it is made of plastic.But it allows you to have a better fit to your head , you will feel that it is a light and comfortable motorcycle HJC bike helmets RPHA 11 Pro.

Is around 1400g . A tailored freshness.On the other hand, the screen it carries is transparent and with protection against ultraviolet rays along with anti-scratch.

 You have the option of mounting the Pinlock® . So the anti-fog system would be missing .They use something called an Advanced Pipeline System . Very pro the name, right? What it does is that all the air that you eat, takes it to the back of the bike helmet and expels it along with the heat and humidity that can be created inside.

This way you don’t suffer those “scorching” days in the middle of summer. So we approve if you are looking for summer motorcycle HJC bike helmets RPHA 11 Pro that are integral.

  • Removable and washable interior.
  • Prepared for Pinlock.
  •  Weight: 1400 g (+/- 50 g).
  • It is a recommended bike helmet for urban routes.

4. NEXX X.G100

We could say that it is a road motorcycle bike helmet with a quality price that fits those who want a very good bike helmet on their head.It takes I don’t know how many fibers to absorb the impact if you fall off the bike. I already tell you, it is around 1250 g approx.

On the chin guard it has a button so you can open and regulate the air intake.It brings a 60% smoked screen with a very very good visor

.Those who want high visibility full face motorcycle bike helmets , this could be an option to consider.Its screen is very wide, which helps you see those hard-to-see gaps while driving.

  • Good finishes.
  •  Good quality with excellent vintage design.
  •  Your screen allows you to see the gaps more widely.
  • Does not include transparent screen.
  • Screen ventilation system

5. AGV K-5

We open the selection with a full-face bike helmet, that is, a model equipped with a rigid chin guard attached to the bike helmet.

It is the type of bike helmet that I personally prefer, as they are the safest (yes well, I still get very stressed when I ride a motorcycle …)

It is a model of the Italian brand AVG, active since 1946 and which has quickly made a name for itself among professionals in the sector, such as Valentino Rossi.In fact, during the market launch of this model, a replica version of Rossi’s bike helmet was also created.

Launched in 2018, it is the brand’s first comprehensive sports model to be offered at such an affordable price. In addition, the bike helmet is available in different sizes (something that is more common in fiber bike helmets).

If we can include it within the category of sports bike helmets, it is for several reasons. First of all, it has a double-D buckle fastening system, which guarantees a good fit of the bike helmet and excellent support.

It also has a fin (the Aero Spoiler), that is, a piece that improves and ensures the stability of the bike helmet even at high speed. On the other hand, we can verify the presence of 3 air intakes in the upper part, which ensures good internal ventilation, and another air intake on the chin, which helps regulate the humidity of the face.

The visor has an anti-scratch coating, but it does not have any type of anti-fog or sunshade system.

The inside of the bike helmet is comfortable, and the liner can be removed for easier cleaning. Whichever size is chosen, its weight is around 1500 grams, which is already an important weight if we consider that it does not have a parasol, for example.

As for the level of safety, it is more than covered, since it is a full face bike helmet. In fact, it received a 5/5 in the Sharp Test, previous examinations carried out in British laboratories where resistance to shocks was tested, of course, according to  regulations.

Therefore, there is nothing but good news.Finally, here is a full-face bike helmet for everyday-sport use that, despite its low price, offers pleasant comfort at the same time as a good level of safety.

6. AGV K1  

The Italian brand AGV offers you a good motorcycle bike helmet at a reduced price . You may find few competitors who can match it.

It is a bike helmet in which you will feel comfortable thanks to its soft interior, which is also removable so you can wash it. It has enough space to wear glasses, something that is appreciated.

I have come to bend the temples of my glasses countless times, although they were other times … Today, in many of the bike helmets, bikers who wear glasses no longer have that problem.

The shell is made with thermoplastic material , it has good finishes and like a good AGV, they are usually beautiful. Although this is already very personal. It is also appreciated that at high speed the noise of the air does not bother you too much. It has a double buckle strap .

As with the LS2 motorcycle bike helmet, the Pinlock is also missing , so in winter you have to keep the air inlets a little open so that the visor does not fog up too much. You know what you have to do, get cold!

Medium-low range motorcycle bike helmet, and as such it is designed for medium-displacement motorcycles . I always advise this with your safety in mind, remember it.

  • Good qualities
  • Reduced price
  • Comfortable
  • Without Pinlock
  • Without sun visor

7. AGV Pista GP RR

Here I bring you another motorcycle bike helmet from the AGV brand, with a shell made of carbon and fiberglass, which gives it lightness and greater resistance.

 It has an internal folding sun visor , which makes the changeable visors outdated. It is a pleasure that technology advances also for the accessories of our motorcycles.

Bring the Pinlock anti-fog sheet  which for winter comes in handy.It has a double buckle strap , which gives you a lot of security. This motorcycle bike helmet is also prepared so that you can wear your glasses.

As I mentioned in the previous model of the brand, the design is very beautiful. I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Italian passion-making, and bike helmets are one of them.

The finishes are good, perhaps above average compared to its competition. The ventilation is good , although a point to improve is that with the air inlets open, it does not become very silent.

  • Carbon fiber and glass shell
  • Drop-down sun visor
  • Pinlock
  • Good quality
  • Not very quiet

8. HJC RPHA 70

This bike helmet is already big words, a high-end model that offers very good qualities and a high mark in terms of safety.

The shell is made of carbon and glass-carbon hybrid fiber, which gives it a very good resistance to impacts, and a light weight. This makes you very comfortable with this motorcycle bike helmet, to which we must add that it adapts very well to your head.

It has an internal anti-scratch deployable sun visor that has a fairly effective anti-fog coating . In addition, the drive is not uncomfortable because you have the lever in a lower area. For the transparent screen you have the option of mounting the Pinlock anti-fog sheet that comes standard.

The inner fabric, which you can gin and wash , is very comfortable, which stands out for being antibacterial and anti-odor. There is no lack of the double buckle strap and the hole to wear your glasses.

It should be noted a system that allows you to remove the cheek pads (the internal padding that go on both sides) in a few seconds and thus you can remove your bike helmet safely and quickly in the event of an accident.

I also have to emphasize that this full face bike helmet is prepared to install a Cardo Smarth Bluetooth intercom , sold separately . You can connect with your mobile, use it as a GPS and even communicate with your companion clearly.

Something that can be criticized about this bike helmet is that it is not very quiet for being high-end . Despite this, this model does not disappoint, being one of the best HJC bike helmets .

  • Very good qualities
  • Fiberglass and carbon shell
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Price
  • Not very quiet

 9. Arai XD4 bike helmet

It is the best full-face bike helmet in this analysis , with an excellent quality of materials that you can perceive with the naked eye, with which you can enjoy with complete safety even in racing driving.

The shell is made of layers of special fibers joined by resins, giving great results in terms of resistance and rigidity.

It has very good ventilation, it is very light and comfortable, with diffusers in the upper area to give you greater stability.It has a double buckle strap and a visor locking system inherited directly from Formula 1.

A mechanism that makes it impossible for the visor to accidentally open under any circumstances, and which is also very easy to use. It has the Max Vision visor, which includes a Pinlock anti-fog sheet.

Its interior is removable and washable , and its soft pads will be especially comfortable for you , without losing its true function, which is to keep your head well adjusted to the bike helmet. Neither could there be a lack of space in case you wear glasses.

This model gives you a very high security, and therefore it is for all types of motorcycles and 5 year old. And although it may seem expensive, I can assure you that it is not, given everything it offers you in terms of security. Which is truly what you have to focus on.

  • Excellent qualities
  • Shell made of special fibers
  • Very light and comfortable
  • Very high price
  • Without sun visor

10. Shoei GT Air II

In my opinion, this is the best full-face motorcycle bike helmet in value for money on the market. A very complete model in all sections.

 The quality of its materials is very good. The shell is made of a composite of several fibers that offer great rigidity, and that also gives you an extra lightness.

The interiors are removable and washable , and the padding offers you a very good compromise between comfort and safety. If you are one of those who wear glasses, this bike helmet is ready for it.

It has an internal and folding sun visor that is easy to operate , with anti- scratch and anti-fog treatment . It also comes with the Pinlock anti-fog sheet to mount next to the transparent visor.

It also offers you good ventilation , which in summer you will appreciate. The strap is double buckled , as is logical in a high-end model.

In case something is missing from this model, it is also prepared to install the Sena SRL2 intercom , sold separately. As I have already reviewed in the other models that have this interesting system, it allows you to use it as a GPS , maintain good communication with your companion or access your mobile .

  • Very good qualities
  • Pinlock
  • Drop-down sun visor
  • Price somewhat high

Buying Guide

Why is choosing a good full face bike helmet so important?

I want to emphasize again, and I am sorry to be so repetitive, in the great importance that you have to give to the issue of security . I keep seeing bikers who are not well protected by the simple fact of just taking a ride on the bike. I think they are not aware of the great danger they are in.

As soon as you get on your motorcycle, put on your bike helmet, if only to go shopping for bread.

I suffered a motorcycle accident about fourteen years ago, with a Suzuki GSR 600 that had been released a year earlier. I was driving along a local road and when I reached a junction with poor visibility, a car skipped a stop and I saw myself, with little time to react, hitting the side of its nose.

I was thrown over the hood of the car and I was rolling on the ground in endless turns on myself. What I remember most about that accident is the eerie sound of the hard hitting the bike helmet against the asphalt. Even today my hairs stand on end.

What motorcycle bike helmet to buy?

To choose a motorcycle bike helmet it is essential that you first focus on the model that best suits your needs in terms of safety . Once this is solved, you can choose the one you like the most aesthetically or in other sections, even if it is a better bike helmet than you need. It is better than about, than not missing.

But never, ever, choose a bike helmet that does not fulfill its function to save you money. As you have seen, the best quality-price full face motorcycle bike helmets that I have analyzed are not the most expensive, far from it. So focus on first choosing the bike helmet that suits your motorcycle or type of 5 year old. Everything else, believe me, is secondary.


The shell is the outer part of the bike helmet that is responsible for absorbing the energy of blows and minimizing damage . It is made up of materials and layers of different compounds, depending on the type of motorcycle bike helmet model. Therefore, it is the main responsible for the safety of your bike helmet.

In my analysis of the best quality-price full face motorcycle bike helmets, I specify the materials with which the shell of each model is made.The higher the range of the bike helmet model, the better the shell components tend to be , mainly because these materials are more expensive.

Inside of the bike helmet

All bike helmets have a soft interior that covers the entire bike helmet to protect you, being thicker in the cheek area. The best thing is that this fluffy can be removed so that you can wash it easily, since continued use, especially in summer, will create odors and bacteria.

In this case you should not worry about it if you choose one of the bike helmets that I analyze here, they all have a removable and washable interior.

Choose size

This is important once you have decided which model to buy. If you are new to this, you have to be very clear that your correct bike helmet size is the one that fully fits your head . At first it may be too tight for you, that you even think you need a size larger. But it is only a sensation.

It has to be tight without being overly squeezed. On the other hand, to know if it is big, the best test is to put on your bike helmet and move your head from side to side and from front to back with energy. If the bike helmet dances you a little, you have chosen a large size.

How do I know the right size for a motorcycle bike helmet?

To know what size you need, you need to measure the contour of your head above the eyebrows about two centimeters with a tailor’s tape measure. If you do not have it, it is as simple as measuring it with a string or any tape, and then verifying the result with a normal tape measure.

When you know the exact measurement of your head, you have to choose the size of the bike helmet based on the table of equivalences that I show you below. If the contour of your head is in the middle of two different sizes, you should choose the smaller size .


All bike helmets have a ventilation system, which consists of small holes made in the shell that allow air to enter and the inside of the bike helmet to ventilate. You can easily close or open them.

Clamping system

As you have already seen throughout my analysis of the best full face bike helmets, there are two types. The micrometric buckle closure and the double buckle closure.

The micrometric buckle closure is the most basic but the most comfortable, you just have to hook it with a click. The problem is that they are less reliable, tend to loosen over time and do not fulfill their function.

The double-D buckle closure is more reliable , and all mid- and high-end bike helmets already have it incorporated. It is a somewhat cumbersome system at first, then over time you get used to it. I will try to explain it to you. You will first have to pass the strap through the two buckles and then go through one of them again.

What is the best motorcycle bike helmet, integral or modular ?

They have differences, few but important. The great advantage of full-face motorcycle bike helmets is that they are safer. They have a fixed chin guard and the shell is one piece, it covers your head, face and jaw .

In the event of an impact, apart from having the entire head protected, the energy of the blow is distributed throughout the bike helmet, limiting injuries.Other advantages are that they isolate better from noise and that their weight is lighter.

What shape is your head?

Long oval . This shape is more aggressive with a longer front-to-back length than side-to-side. The most expensive bike helmets, intended for competition, are the ones that best adapt to the long oval shape.

Intermediate oval . This shape is close to a round head, with only a slight length skew from front to back. Typical shape of mid-range bike helmets.